Elevate Your Golf Game Through the Best Experiences

Stay connected, coordinated & tuned in to your golf community. 

Your GolfLife profile matches you with other golfers, events, experiences, offers and content just for you ... no subscription fees!

Whether you are just starting out at the local muni , an experienced player who plays in tournaments and travels or you belong to a country club – F4 helps you streamline the coordination of golf events, stay connected with your crew and expand your golf experience. 

Much more than a social feed

Create golf events (private or public) that keep you connected with an ever growing community of golfers of all levels and skill. 

1,000s of golf courses to play and connect with golfers who have local knowledge

Get access to golfers who play at courses both private and public for you to play with old or new friends who enjoy the game as much as you do. 

Schedule, view and reserve your spot at public or private golf events

Whether you are tired of getting an insane amount of group text messages or email lists because your weekend group is trying to coordinate a round, you’ve arranged a golf trip or are hosting a golf tournament – F4 can streamline all these events for everyone. 

Anyone can set up & run golf tournaments from start to finish.

After running golf tournaments for 25 years, we’ve learned that this process is like herding cats. Also, there are solutions on the market that are complicated and cost $1,000s. F4 makes it easy to run a tournament. You can even make cash by hosting tournaments. 

Arrange a private golf trip with an agent or organize your own trip with friends.

Whether you want to set up a dream, multi-day golf trip to Ireland or oversee an annual golf trip to a regional golf course, F4 can help make this much easier.

F4 Platinum

Have you ever dreamed of playing at a private course, but don’t have the connection to get in? F4 Platinum makes it easy for you to host at your private course or get in to play other private courses as a guest.

F4 will improve your game by giving you access to more and better golfing experiences, at different courses with the same ol’ group or new golfers. We call these experiences golf events.

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